Whiskey drinking gamer and stream moderator who swings big ban hammer

Gaming on: Twitch, PSN, iOS, LoL, Battle.net
I also maintain a Nightbot Commands reference here.

Currently Playing:

  • PS4 - Destiny (Bungie Profile)
  • PS4 - The Division (a little bit; back in since patch:1.6)
  • PS4 - Call of Duty (eh... hopeful for the future; otherwise done)

Streamers & Channels I watch (and/or mod) regularly:

  • Clintus (youtube gaming, twitch - Destiny, Call of Duty, Overwatch)
  • ProfessorBroman (twitch - Destiny, misc)
  • Broskian (twitch - Destiny)
  • KingGothalion (twitch - Destiny, misc)
  • 402Thunder402 (youtube - Call of Duty)
  • Aethos19D (twitch - ARMAIII, Squad)
  • SilentSentry (twitch - Rainbow Six, H1Z1 mods)