RynoRanger actual

Whiskey drinking gamer, streamer, and moderator; swings big ban hammer.

I play games to relax and calm my brain after work, and sometimes I stream with my better half, Amy, doing QA's/AMA's and general conversation with chat. I am now a Twitch Affiliate with a cool whiskey emote if you sub; therefore you should come say hi and follow at Twitch.tv/RynoRanger (oh and turn on notifications!).

As a moderator, I tinker with Nightbot often, so I maintain a Nightbot Commands reference that includes commands that help streamers and other moderators.

Currently Playing:

  • PS4 - Destiny 2 (Bungie Profile)
  • PS4 - Far Cry 5
  • PS4 - Fortnite Battle Royale & Save the World
  • PS4 - Call of Duty BO3 (BO4 sounds good so far!)

Game Streamers & Channels I watch (and/or mod) regularly: