RynoRanger actual

Gaming industry enthusiast, developer, and stream moderator; swings big ban hammer.

As a kid in the 80's I've seen video games change from a simple at-home hobby to a massive unstoppable $300 Billion dollar industry. I've worked in the gaming industry on the news and marketing side of the house as well as a consultant on gamer psychology and interaction design for a couple very well-known IP's. Independently I've built numerous bots and web applications for Twitch, Youtube, and Discord, but these days I play games to relax and calm my brain after work; filthy casual as they say. I consume more gaming content than I play anymore as I don't have the time to play; but want to see gameplay and storylines and mechanics, etc.

Games I currently play:

  • PC & PS5 - Destiny 2 (Bungie Profile)
  • PC - New World
  • PC - Call of Duty MW2 (Warzone... maybe)

Game Streamers & Channels I watch (and/or mod) regularly:


  • Steam: RynoRanger
  • Playstation: rYnoRanger
  • Battle.net: RynoRanger#11880